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CHEW THIS with Jennifer Esposito


Life, is very real right now. It’s raw, ever changing and depending on how you look at it, full of HOPE. Come join me at the table, with my guests, as we share a treat that I made and talk about todays topics. Always raw, real, brutally honest, delicious and with a sense of humor. Plus my series, The Doctor Is In, with Dr. Fratellone, will focus on a different health topic each episode. Soon, YOU will be invited to the table via LIVESTREAM!!!! YOU will get to join the conversation in real time!! Every episode I will also post my recipe of what we ate in that episode!!!


Episode 5: In this series called, The Doctor Is In, we speak again with Dr Patrick Fratellone all about Lyme Disease which affects over 300,000 people a year in the US. He shares his ideas on how to get properly get diagnosed, protocols, what make this deadly virus worse and so much more.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT- Is the exhaustion and aches your feeling something else? Could you have LYME? Dr. Fratellone once again amazes me at the level of knowl He speaks about how lyme works, how to discover it and get a proper diagnosis and how to treat holistically.

FOOD FOR LIFE- Pumpkin Pie


Episode 4: Are you living the life you thought you would be? We all set out with dreams, goals and many plans…and then life happens.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT- The question is what do we do when those plans change? When life throws you a curve ball? Especially when that curve ball leaves behind devastation? I discuss just this with my two guests, Jesper Vesterstroem and Jodi O’donnel-Ames

FOOD FOR LIFE- Chocolate Chip Banana Loaf


Episode 3: The beginning and the end: GUT HEALTH! We start this series of The Doctor is In with the holy grail of all health issues – the Gut ! “All disease begins in the gut” says Dr. Patrick Fratellone, who is the doctor in call with me at the table. We dive deep into this issue on this episode and in the future as there is much to uncover. From why gut health is so important…to its link to mental health. No…you are NOT crazy! It could be your GUT!! This is a personal mission for me, to let you know that your mental health could lie right in front of you, on your plate! Please join me and let’s get into this very misunderstood issue.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT- Depression and panic disorder coming from your gut? Are you ready to truly believe this link? Eighty Five percent of our serotonin, which dictates mood, exists in our gut. If the gut is off the brain is off. For far too long we have been sold the idea that somehow our bodies and mind are two separate issues. Please listen to my ongoing guest, Dr Patrick Fratelone, as we help you understand that what ails your mind may be exactly whats ailing your body.



Episode 2: Combining passionate guests and donuts is always a good idea; especially as of late with the insanity of the world around us. I gathered some wonderful women to discuss the current state of what it looks like to be female right now; the rage, the sorrow, how to keep sane, and how to move forward even better. We reel, we heal and we eat many donuts.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT- Are you a female who is mad right now? Do you feel unheard? Do you even recognize your rage or even allow it? The opening quote in the podcast is from Rebecca Traisters book, GOOD AND MAD, THE REVOLUTIONARY POWER OF WOMEN ANGER. I strongly suggest giving it a read and start to forgive yourself for the anger and even welcome it. It is far healthier than you think.

FOOD FOR LIFE- Baked Buckwheat Donuts


Episode 1: What is Chew This? Who is Jen? We talk broad strokes about my early life and my acting career, discussing jobs such as Spin City, Summer Of Sam, Crash and many more. We touch upon my diagnosis of celiac disease and years of panic disorder. We discuss Judge Kavanaugh. And yes…we eat cake! All of this and more on this first episode of Chew This.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT- Are you ready for a journey?? Welcome to a piece of my world

FOOD FOR LIFE- Pear Vanilla Cake