CHEW THIS in the Kitchen!

The livestream class was more fun than I could have imagined. It’s what first interested me 10 years ago when I started talking publicly about my health and opened my bakery, Jennifer’s Way. It’s sharing what I’ve learned to help you live better. Whether dealing with celiac, autoimmune or just want to eat smarter, these classes are for EVERYONE. Everyone looking to understand more about why eating anti inflammatory is so vital to ALL of us, all while still eating deliciously. If you are looking to find solutions to health issues or simply rethink your food to eat in a more beneficial way, These classes are a lot more than just recipes. Through conversation with you, while I’m baking, I’ll share with you all I know about how I healed my gut and regained my health by my eating . Keeping the gut happy is the key to all that ails you from body to mind and Food being the most powerful medicine. Join the conversation in the kitchen with me and take back your health and life. The power is in your hands and on YOUR PLATE.

If you have trouble accessing the Live event please watch this video.

Join us in the kitchen for Chew This LIVE!