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I’m Jennifer Esposito and I want to feed you! I want to feed you food, clean food, delicious food. More than just food, I want to feed you ideas and inspiration. All in hopes to nourish not only your body but your mind and soul.



On my journey with my health I have found one constant to be true, you really ARE what you eat. From my kidneys and liver almost shutting down from undiagnosed celiac disease to panic disorder, depression and eventually an encounter with cancer, it was food that was my constant healing force to change my health and literally save my life.

I also learned through my journey that food, the making of it then sharing it , made people happy and brought them together. CHEW THIS combines my love for food and teaching how it can literally change everything, with my love for bringing people together around a table to eat and discuss…well, life. In these crazy changing times when there is so much toxicity in all forms, and so much separation, it’s my hope that you can come here, learn, grow, get inspired, laugh and of course EAT. Pull up a chair and enjoy some Food For Life, Food For Thought. xx

I will make this so easy, you will be amazed

I will make this so easy, you will be amazed

CHEW THIS in the Kitchen!

It’s time! It’s time to take back control over your health and get in the kitchen. Sure, I know you want the beloved Jennifer Way Products just sent to your home but I realized that won’t help you long term. Living healthier is more than one cookie or a piece of bread, It’s knowledge. I’m inviting you into my kitchen to teach you everything I know about eating clean, anti-inflammatory living and regaining the deliciousness of life. I believe in taking the “rules” out of cooking/baking so I will be coming to you via LIVESTREAM! Informal, fun, unpredictable and answering questions as we go. Most of all showing you REAL food in real time. Will be setting up first class soon!


“I’m going to propose something radical to you. What if you were enough?”

It’s my hope that by the simple act of breaking bread together we can laugh, learn, inspire and maybe see what that what brings us together is far more than what separates us.
— Jennifer Esposito


“lyme Disease is a virus and has become an epidemic” Dr Fratellone

Episode 5: The Doctor is in: Lyme Disease and Pumpkin Pie

CHEW THIS- Personal One-On-Ones With Me!!


The amount of people I have spoken to, advised, written to, called, and took under my wing regarding their health is in the thousands. I tell you this because this was not my goal to become a voice of reason in the health community. After being diagnosed with celiac, almost dying, then regaining my health, on my own, through food, i get why. People feel pushed aside, written off and just prescribed medication after medication from their health advisor. It’s a scary notion that the medical community has made people feel so unheard that they are turning elsewhere. In saying that, I must admit this has become one of my favorite roles I’ve ever been given. I truly enjoy sharing what I have learned and watching you thrive. Especially people dealing with anxiety and depression to truly understand that there IS a physical component to it. All I can say is, I was there, I get it and I hear you. There is hope. I look forward to chatting with you.